ICES adhesion to the International Chair Elcano of University CEU San Pablo, Spain

01 July 2022

l’ICES a la Chaire internationale Elcano visuel

It was a great honor and privilege to be invited on board the Spanish training ship, Juan Sebastian Elcano, for the signing ceremony of ICES (Catholic University of Vendée) adhesion to the International Chair Elcano that commemorates the fifth Centenary from the Magallanes-Elcano Expedition, first circumnavigation of the world.
Many thanks to Dr. María Saavedra, Director, International Chair CEU Elcano, Universidad CEU San Pablo and to the distinguished participants of this ceremony earlier this summer:

-      His Excellency, the Ambassador of Spain in France, Victorio Redondo Baldrich
-      Rear-Admiral Santiago Barber
-      Commander of the training ship, Captain Manuel García Ruiz
-      Naval Attaché of the Spanish Embassy in France, CF Ovidio García Armayor
Congratulations to all for this wonderful project!